Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pluskey?

Pluskey is an application that makes a connection between your “Pluskey product” and your mobile device to control your electronic devices via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Which devices can work with Pluskey?

All devices in automation business such as roller shutters, curtains, air conditions, barrier gates. Brand does not matter at all. All devices in automation business can be controlled by Pluskey.

Can everybody control Pluskey products?

It is impossible. Only communicates with the devices you added. Encryption systems in Pluskey much safer than standard remote controllers.

I lost my phone, how can I control my device?
You can download the Pluskey app to a mobile device and do the progress again.

I lost my phone, can I disable the connection to my product?
Yes, you can. Press the “Authorize” button for 10 seconds and realese the “Authorize” button. You will hear the sound from the relay. After that all devices in memory is deleted.

What is the maximum effective range?
Approximately 30 meters to 50 meters. It can be 150 with additional products.

Why Bluetooth?
A simple pairing process
Maximum security with AES128-bit government-grade encryption
Uses much less battery power than internet connection and other technologies.

How many Pluskey products can I control with one app?
It may change on your mobile phone but approximately 1000 devices

Can I control my products from another city?
By european secure laws as a main safety rule you need to be in visibility range to interfere in emergency. It is possible to control your devices from long range but it is not recommended by law and in practice.

Can I control my Pluskey product without smart phone or tablet?
Yes, you can. It can be controlled by the external button in Pluskey products. It is also possible to control with remote controllers.