Updating Pluskey Application and Systems

Pluskey will switch to the new infrastructure system. In this context; The automatic update of the PlusKey application on your phones must be turned off to ensure that your current hardware is compatible with the updates to be made in the application. If the automatic update occurs, you need to follow the steps below..


1)Delete your updated application
2)Click the link on the side and download the apk file : Pluskey Android Application
3)Install the application. (Activate the option Allow applications not trusted from your device settings if necessary)

For IOS;

1)Click the link on the left and download the IPA file (coming soon): Pluskey İos Application
2)Download the application on Link and install your computer: Cydia Impactor
3) Connect your device with your computer's USB cable.
4)After connecting your device, open the Cydia Impactor application and drag the downloaded IPA file to the application window.
5)Enter your Apple ID and password. For added security you can create new AppleID and password.
6)Press OK button when warning is displayed.Application will be installed to your device .
7)On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> General> Profiles and Device management (IOS 9).
8)Click on the application you signed with your Apple ID and press "Trust".
9)Operation OK!